I'm Kaushal

I belong to the world where bond of Coffee and CODE is unbreakable.Logic comes with every sip of coffee where coffee should be H0T is constant!
Interested in Software Programming, Social marketing,Sales and Management.Believes in hardwork love to develop Applications and Softwares.Learned one thing uptil now if the logic is clear then syntax could be a hurdle rather than error.

About Me

Hi I am Kaushal Digraskar currently pursuing Computer Science engineering from Deogori Institute of Engineering and Manangement Studies Aurangabad<
Actively looking for Work/Internship

I am devloper with LOGIC

I always love to code and create something which will make ease in peoples life.I think a developer never builds just a application with features it also builds a way to do perticular thing with ease. I always belive that an application can build trust in people if it is secured and YESSSSS thats where a developers job comes to build a secure and trustworthy softwares

Here are some traits that I found very good in me

  • Ready to hardwork
  • I Accept changes as technology and stacks changes continously
  • I have Leadership qualities,try to blend in with group/collegues
  • Love to take challenges as it gives new Experience and Knowledge
  • I have presentation skills

I always love to learn something new as it helps me to grow.I have worked on diffrent platforms with diffrent languages here are some ratings according to my knowledge

Android Development
Flutter Development
Angular js
IoT(Internet of Things)


Love to work in these domains


Building an applications is one of my favorite

Desktop Applications

Worked on NetBeans for dekstop applications


You know what they say "Better the user experience greater the traffic"


string devlopement = "love";
Develope(string logic,string hardwork);}


Internet of Things (IoT)
I learned on programming on arduino UNO I learned how to connect any electronic device to arduino and work with it Last I made an obstacle avoiding car which turns automatically if there is any obstacle in its way
Android Development
I made an android application,in which they want to open a web browser and specially there company website also they want user login to change website if the user wants to.
Java Development
Desktop application in java which uses database as MySQL Software was made for the government schools in India to make all admission process, bonafied process ,TC process online and also create its jasper report to print the format
InfyLearn-Student and Teacher Application
Worked as android developer in this project .InfyLearn is an application made for the school to run an entire school on mobile,application have two sides student and teacher both ends are different applications
Mahanubhav -Calendar Application
This is a dynamic calendar application for user including google firebase messaging,application have horoscope,and special dates,festivals,audios to listen also,application have some good animation effects with material UI
Industrial Training
Worked on various project regarding to desktop application and android It helped me to know how an application is created and further process is done such as testing
Adobe Premiere Pro: Video Editing In Adobe Premiere Pro
I have completed course on video editing with premier pro where I learned basic to the expert level knowledge of premier pro During this course I also created my own videos

Application available on PlayStore

InfyLearn : Students App


Mahanubhav Calendar Application


My work till now!!